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CINEMA FOR SODOMITES is the creation of University of Colorado Denver Film Professor Andy Scahill, an expression of his love for cinema, and a celebration of the unique relationship that queer people have to the movie screen. Queer people have always hads to scavengers of pop culture, and have had to use strategies of remixing, mashups, and fan fic to create a space where they could engage with media as easily as their straight counterparts. This apparel label celebrates the queer practice of coding, camp, and collecting as central to th queer experience.

Another of Scahill's projects, RAINBOW CULT, is a monthly show by Andy Scahill and Denver drag legend Electra Dupri, inspired by The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the gimmicks of William Castle, and the cult movie nights of San Francisco drag queen Peaches Christ. We provide a uniquely tailored experience for each film with props, contests, callbacks, drag performances and more!


Troop Beverly Hills is pretty great---but it's even better with a Gay Merit Badge design station and surprise Girl Scout Cookies during the show! And we all love Drop Dead Gorgeous---but it's even better with when everyone in the audience wears a tiara and sash! Here at RAINBOW CULT, we encourage participation and dressing up, any way that you express your love for these movies. We want movies to be a shared experience and a source of community-building.

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